How much will my service cost?

Every tree project is unique and requires a custom price. The following factors will determine your cost.

  • An evaluation of the tree(s) size, placement and terrain by our certified arborist.
  • Each service requires manpower; we factor how many man-hours are involved in your specific project.
  • We determine what equipment is necessary for your project.

Are We Insured?

We carry general liability and workers compensation insurance to protect your home, family and our employees.

Why should I hire a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is an expert in tree care. Amateur tree services can damage or kill trees through improper pruning techniques. Projects such as tree removal and stump grinding can be dangerous when improper equipment is used and those poorly trained are employed. Start-up tree services are rarely licensed and insured,  which property owners may discover too late.

We are professionals in the tree care industry, fully insured and operated by certified arborists.

When do I pay for my service?

Payment is not required until the job is completed in accordance with our written contract.

What happens to my trees once they are removed?

Sky’s The Limit Tree Service recycles as much as possible. Chipped limbs are used for mulch, larger limbs for firewood.

Can you provide an up-to-date certificate of insurance and a copy of a work contract?

This should be your first and most important question. This will ensure that we are properly insured and that you will not be liable for damage, accidents or injuries.

What are your credentials?

We are a licensed company.

Will you provide a list of references?

As a quality company we will be happy to share a list of satisfied customers. We have customers that we have recently done work for that are happy to give there references.

Will you provide a detailed estimate?

Yes, written estimates will help you understand the scope of the job.

How will the job be approached and what equipment will you use?

If we are going across your lawn, we will make sure we know the locations of sprinkler heads or other objects that may be damaged. Ask us what is our policy is if something is damaged. It may be a good idea to photograph the area before work begins so you have a record in case there is damage. We will do a nice clean up during and after the job.

How long will the project take?

Our estimate will give you projection how long we will be on the job. This is why getting an estimate is handy. One company might say three days while another company says three hours.

Does you company appear professional?

Our company trucks are clean, well taken care of and in good shape. Look at our competitors vehicles. If they don’t take care of their equipment, do you think they will take care of your tree and property? Do they have a website? Design and content can give you a sense of their professionalism, as can the appearance of the vehicles they use on jobs. That can give you an idea of how they run their business.

Do you use spikes to climb trees while pruning?

We only use spikes when we are removing the trees. Spikes cause unhealthy wounds.

Do we advertise “topping” (removing live sections from the top of the tree)?

NEVER. This is another poor practice, particularly for large, healthy hardwood trees. If a competitor admits that they will top a tree for you, you should continue your search.

Does our crew use hardhats and other personal protective equipment while on our property?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that personal protective equipment be used for any tree care operation. As a reputable tree care service will require our workers to be protected.

It’s important to protect yourself and your property by hiring a tree care professional for dangerous jobs. It’s equally important to protect yourself and your “tree investment” by asking these top ten important questions.Contact for any further questions you may have.