Sky’s The Limit Tree Care, Inc offers you complete tree trimming, pruning and tree and stump removal services. Do you have a residential or commercial project? We have the service for you. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction on each and every job.

We want to be your tree service, both now and in the future. Place your trees on a maintenance cycle. Most of our returning clients choose an annual or two year service schedule so you can plan ahead and can budget accordingly.

Tree Removal

We specialize in the removal of large and dangerous trees. Removal of dead and dying trees is especially dangerous. Our staff is specially trained in their removal, as well as trees that have grown too large for their space and pose a hazard to buildings and utility wires. Is a tree creating structural problems for your home, siding, windows, gutters etc.? All trees will be removed while maintaining the integrity of the landscape. And we are known for our excellent clean-up!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your property. Our modern stump grinding equipment is light, maneuverable, quick and non-intrusive. Our stump grinder will fit through most 36″ gates.

Tree Trimming/Pruning

A tree may need pruning for a variety of reasons:

  • Remove diseased or storm-damaged branches
  • Thin the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation
  • Reduce the height of a tree
  • Remove obstructing lower branches
  • Shape a tree for design purposes

Large tree pruning, in particular, can require climbing, heavy saws or cherry-pickers.

Brush Removal

Removal of the branches and wood that has already been cut down. We shred/chip the branches on site, using our powerful chipping machine, and clean up all debris.

Lot/Land Clearing

Clearing of large lots.

Emergency Storm Service

We are living in an area that has intense Santa Ana winds. Our crew is quick to respond to any emergency. We work quickly and safely to prevent any further damage to your home, car and lawn. Fallen or damaged trees can be very dangerous; let us help you and your family sleep safely!